How to clean false lashies.

Corinna Zamora

What you will need:
  • Lashies
  • Liquid makeup remover
  • Hot water
  • A bowl
  • Eyelash spoolie 

How to:

  • Start by removing residue, glue, dirt etc from the lashes, but make sure to handle the band and eyelash hair gently. 
  • Pour hot water and makeup remover into a bowl and leave the lashes in for 2-3 minutes. The dirt should lift off of the lashes. 
  • If you use makeup wipes and do not have liquid makeup remover hot water will work. (Hence it is NOT as effective)
  • Gently remove the lashes from the bowl and brush them out with the spoolie helping to remove debris. 
  • Leave them to air dry on napkin or back in lash box. 
  • The lashies will dry into the shape they are left so be sure to bend them into the shape of your eye if needed. 
  • For best results leave to dry over night. 


*This is the way I PERSONALLY clean my lashies, this may not work for everyone.

I will not be held responsible for your use of the information obtained and how you choose to follow through with it. 

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